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All that you desire is on the other side of your "comfort zone." Isn't it time to ditch that commitment to style could be holding you back from your next level of success? Say adieu to that sea of black/yoga pants/Dri-fit everything. It's your time to finally feel empowered with a personal brand-style that's as distinctive as you are

Personal Branding & Styling for Highly Visible, Influential Thought Leaders

Style That Shows Your Substance

You’re the face and the brains of your brand – but you’ve been hiding behind avatars and an overly “casual” dress code to disguise your discomfort around dress 

Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Like Déjà-Vu, To You?


I bring tools and systems developed over nearly 20 years of styling and branding experience to enable you to show up with presence and raise your profile with a personal brand that’s polished, appropriate – and authentically comfortable.

You’re working the conference circuit, becoming a coveted speaker, and might even host a summit of your own – but you have no time to think about anything beyond your keynote content (or, you actively avoid thinking about it altogether)


I take the stress out like a super-potent stain remover by designing intentional wardrobe capsules that sell your brand on stage and capture the right audience live and in person so you can sail smoothly into any room and do what you do best.

You’re ready to grow your professional profile – but instead of taking a seat with the Big Enchiladas, you’re feel like you’re still sitting at the tiny tacos table


I provide clarity at every step of your personal brand development from strategy to shopping to ensembles, so you can stand securely in your full power and be your very best when faced with a brilliant opportunity to shine.

Here’s the thing… it isn’t just what you know and the results you get – it’s how you do what you do to get them.

That individual spin – that je-ne-sais-quoi – that makes your work stand out. And, because of that?  
You – yes, you – are your very best marketing tool. 

You’re no flash in the pan or one-hit-wonder. You have staying power – that’s why settling for basics, trends, and gimmicks feel uncomfortable and out of alignment with what you stand for and who you truly are.

It’s not only about how brilliant your work and ideas are (because I know you have that down pat!)...

Today, how you present your ideas via your professional and personal image directly influences your success – and impacts your bottom line.

Personal branding and style is about translating the promise of the experience of working with you in a visual way from your web presence to your wardrobe, enveloping your audience, inspiring trust, and making you unforgettable in a marketplace that’s as super-saturated with talent as Instagram is with “influencers.”

It's OK To Picture Your Audience (he-hem) "Underdressed"-But That Doesn't Mean You Should Be, Too!

What Got You Here Won't Get You There...

You’re on the cusp of big change – you can almost smell it (mmm, what is that? Tom Ford Oud?) 

You’ve got this career thing down – you’re a thought-leader and go-to resource – but, it would be great to let go of the so-called “small stuff” that leaves you stressed and feeling uncharacteristically insecure. 

You’re also savvy enough to know that it’s these stressful details that make the biggest difference. That what got you here isn’t what’s going to get you there. 

Afterall, career-making and life-changing opportunities tend to come under the shine of a spotlight. That’s why it’s important to have your professional development team primed and ready to help you step up your game and provide expert council. 

You need a team whose sophistication and skill in their areas match yours to help you elevate you to your next achievement.

That team isn’t just your business coach, mastermind group, and mindset expert – it should include your personal branding & style coach too.

The private coaching you’ve been dreaming about actually does exist.
Darling! I’m right here – a seasoned branding professional and a full-fledged stylist – a rare combination of skill and experience. And, I can’t wait to help you harness your style potential, master your personal brand, and take you from dreading dressing to enjoying expressing.

You need a strategy that’s as customized to your business and personal goals, your singular gifts, and your individual colouring and physical traits as a tasting menu that's been curated exclusively for your palette.
I’m here to help you with that. 

It’s time to get the 1:1 coaching that helps you shake hands with your next goal.

Like any of the objectives you’ve set and achieved in the past, developing your Personal Brand-Style is about setting goals, being intentional, and taking steps to achieve them. 

Let's Work Together

We’ll discuss which specific approaches will support your needs best so that I can customize the best solution for you. 

Customized plans always fit best. Your 'runway ready' plan starts with our first call. Because every world-class strategist begins by understanding the backstory – who you are, where you're going, and what your business goals are. 

The starting point of every Brand-Style Journey, for senior level executives, business owners, and those with personal brands who are ready to break through their next level of success.
This is the information gathering, the research, the interviewing that must be done before diving into a new Personal Branding. 
Like any important project with a bottom-line impact, we make certain we know where you’ve been and where you’re going so the positioning of your personal brand is on point.

I dive deep to uncover critical, hidden insights about who you really are, your unique gifts, how you want to be perceived, how you might not even know you want to be perceived (yet), so we can work towards this intention. 

 We’ll reveal your true character essence and support your goals with a complete Colour + Style Analysis. And I’ll deliver these insights to you in an easy to use package personalized colour palette and investigative style summary that you can use season after season.

From here, you can execute on your own, and do just “fine.” But – “fine” is a four-letter word around here. 
 At this stage, we both know that “it’ll do” just doesn’t. So, let’s move those insights into expert action with a VIP package that delivers the elevated, impactful new personal brand-style and image you deserve.

Start Here: Brand-Style Discovery Session


→ 1 Mini-wardrobe capsule designed specifically to carry you through the events at one conference, combining current wardrobe items with new acquisitions
→ 1 Online shopping supplement for new acquisitions designed to elevate and complete your capsule
→ 2 ZOOM Calls (1 to review your current wardrobe, 1 to review all ordered items for fit and alterations)
→ Wardrobe photo journal (how and when to wear your conference capsule so all you have to do is pack and go!)

→ 4 Seasonal wardrobe capsules (4 closet edits and shopping excursions in your city, curating current and new wardrobe items)
→ 12 Months “Stylist on Speed Dial”
→ 12 Monthly ZOOM check-ins
(to review progress and update your work/events calendar)
→ 12 Monthly Online Shopping Supplements
→ Wardrobe Photo Journal 
(how and when to wear everything in your Capsule)
→ 1 Styled photoshoot for your website or personal brand
→ Secret Surprise Bonuses!
 *This package is limited to a limited number of clients per year.

→ 2 Seasonal wardrobe capsules (2 closet edits and shopping excursions in your city, curating current and new wardrobe items)
→ 6 Months “Stylist on Speed Dial”
→ 6 Monthly ZOOM check-ins
(to review progress and update your work/events calendar)
→ Wardrobe photo journal (how and when to wear everything in your capsule)
→ Secret Surprise Bonuses!
*Add-On: 6 Monthly Online Shopping Supplements

→ 1 Seasonal wardrobe capsule (1 closet edit and shopping excursion in your city, curating current and new wardrobe items)
→ 3 Months “Stylist on Speed Dial”
→ 3 Monthly ZOOM check-ins (to review progress and update your work/events calendar) 
→ Wardrobe photo journal (how and when to wear everything in your capsule)

Then Add Your Style Execution Package

Full Year Package

Half-Year Package

Conference-Ready Package

Single Season Package