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…but did you know something even more desirable than beauty becomes attainable when your wardrobe reflects your inner self? Beauty is important, but when your inner and outer are aligned, you summon a powerful force I like to call your Inner Wild. That’s when amazing things begin to happen:

Suddenly beautiful becomes expressive.

Stylish becomes authentic.

Fashionable becomes unstoppable.

You’ve seen the mantras on social media: “you do you”. But what if you’re not sure how to do that with your wardrobe?
It’s not about buying an outfit off of a mannequin because it’s already a complete look, or limiting yourself to the same selection in the usual stores you frequent. It’s not about paging through a magazine and replicating what you see. It’s not about looks that are easy and require little-to-no thought, either.

Trends don’t have soul.

It’s fun to follow what the fashion world is obsessed with, but magazines, trends and celebrity style doesn’t impact what you should be wearing. Trends expand and deflate with no consideration to the complexities of your lifestyle and personality. It’s all about you, remember? Trends are for people who don’t want to try. Can we agree on that?

Your personal style already exists.

It’s inside of you! This is all about getting back in touch with the essence of who you are—that Inner Wild—and translating it into style cues that work for you. It’s about ease, confidence, authenticity, and joy.

This is about…

  • Finding the style that’s already within you
  • Accessing, refining, and celebrating your personal style
  • Understanding the qualities you want to represent in the world around you
  • Having a wicked fun time learning how to highlight your best traits with your personal style effortlessly so that every day feels joyful!

Isn’t it kind of awesome that you can drop the fashion mags and focus on what brings you joy? I think so too.

Imagine the feeling of LOVING getting dressed in the morning.

What would it mean for your life if the process of getting dressed each day was joyful and fun? What if it inspired you and allowed you to take on the world smiling? How much time could you save if the guesswork was removed from putting outfits together? Imagine the relief and joy of knowing exactly how you want to be seen in the world, and having the tools, the time, and the freedom of being able to express yourself with ease.

Imagine the quiet sense of power that comes from feeling at one with your style—a style that comes from deep within—manifesting itself on the outside each day.

This isn’t a pipe dream. It’s yours for the taking.

In fact, right now you’re in the right place to get…

  • Crazy-inspired
  • Tools and a safe testing ground for experimenting with and building your Self-expression
  • Style and Life-Style support when things don’t feel quite right but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem
  • Discussion and Direction so that every day feels more in alignment with what makes your heart sing (and so that pin pointing that heart song-inducing stuff gets easier)
  • A Community of awesome women working together to celebrate individuality!

This is a place where all forms of beauty are acknowledged and celebrated!

You’re in the right spot to show off your uniqueness, inside and out. Here’s where we can start to get a little more daring, a little more free, a little more WILD than we ever thought we could.

This is a Sisterhood of Style! This is the place to get the support to lay it all out there and reclaim your style with the tools you need to both discover it and turn it from an elusive, frustrating mystery into a way of life.

We’re talking mind-body-style. This is the place where the inside can meet your outside in stylish, authentic union.


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It was such a mind-blowing experience working with Tamara. Over the years, I learned that the challenge isn’t how to be successful, but how to be successful while still being the person you are! Tamara encouraged me to embrace who I am and to develop an image that is consistent with my authenticity. I look forward to learning more of Tamara's inspirational ideas!

Ruoxi G.

So…I was in the lineup at the Bagel Shop… And a woman walks up to me out of the blue, and says ‘Hi, I love your colour combinations. You look stunning!’ I was so taken aback, I just said thank you so much! That’s my big smile of the day!

Satinder S.