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15 Video spoilers & how to fix them

It’s time to turn those #tags into purchases, and start earning your cult-worthy status with content strategy that engages your customers so deeply they’d never dream of being without your brand. 

Content strategy that builds cult-worthy lifestyle brands one relationship at a time

Be Bold or Italic - Never Plain

Your tiny-but-mighty core customer-base adores you but – your growth is stumbling like Naomi Campbell on Vivienne Westwood’s 1993 runway → I create content that entices adoring fans to share their secret obsession (that’s your brand!) grow your reach & your exclusive list of ideal customers.


Your customers purchase from you now & then – but you don’t know when (or if) they’ll buy again.  → I intentionally design content to anticipate & speak to your customers’ deepest desires & aspirations. Making future purchases more predictable & inevitable. 


Your customers browse aplenty but – they stop short of the check-out → So frustrating! I’ll help you cinch & smooth your customer's purchase journey, boosting your sales like a brand new pair of SPANX.


Do Any of These Scenarios Sound Like Deja-Vu, To You?

And I can help you get up-close-and-personal with them, too.

Here’s the thing…

I've Seen Your Customers Naked - Literally

Your customers aren’t interested in cold, impersonal transactions. They want an experience. They want a relaaaaationship. They want to feel like they’re a part of the story – before they give you the sale.

It’s not only about how amazing your product or service is (because I know you have that down pat!)...

It’s about designing a complete brand experience – your content and customer journey – that envelops your customers, inspires their devotion, and makes your brand the ONLY option in a marketplace that’s as super-saturated as a K-beauty sheet masque.

Customized plans always fit best. Your 'runway ready' plan starts with our first call. Because even a world-class tailor starts with understanding the basics. Who you are, where you're going, and what your business goals are.  We’ll discuss which specific tools and approaches will support your business goals best so that I can customize the best solution for you. 

“One-size-fits-all” plans work about as well for business as it does for clothing or foundation shades. #notatall 

You got this – but it would be great to have another creative brain on the job. As your muse and your guide, I’ll help reveal inspired yays, nays, and new ideas about your next messaging plans during a live tête-à-tête, either in person or via video. Plus, some groovy background music, a few fancy snacks, and a little something sparkling – our wit, of course.
We can rock down to…

→  Brainstorming new avenues of growth either inside or adjacent to your current offerings
→  Reviewing/outlining communication structures for your website, your sequences, or your customer service scripts
→  Solving immediate messaging or communication issues
→  Identifying holes in your sales funnels to prevent abandonment or lost sales
→  Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant...

Sounding Board Sessions

→  Welcome Sequences
→  Follow-Up Sequences
→ Cart Abandonment Sequences
→  Re-Engagement Sequences

When your customers choose your brand, there’s actions that should happen at your end.  And – an off-the-rack “welcome” or “thank you” email simply isn’t enough for that cult-worthy status. In fact, there’s almost never too much when it comes to customer follow-up. Not even a thousand kisses...OK, that might be over the top. Well-crafted autoresponders can build trust, boost brand recognition, and help make sales while you sleep. I’ll design autoresponder series that match your customer’s journey each step of the way, keeping them connected with your brand – effortlessly.

Finishing Touches

→  Sales Funnel Sequences 
→  Retail Emails & eNewsletters
→  Subscription Box Inserts
→  Product Descriptions
→  Blogs
→  Social Captions & Ads

You have a strategy in place. What you need is someone to help you give it liiiiife with creativity, clarity, consistency, and character. You need content that inspires action – whether that’s an open, a click, a share, a sale, or a follow-up. I’ll style messages that highlight your brand as a thought-leader, dream-weaver, and mind-reader for your favourite customers.

Style & Execution

→  Customer Journey Touchpoints
→  Voice of Customer Research 
→  Brand Voice Guide
→  Content Theme Development & Hashtag Research
→  Content Calendar Development
→  Accountability Check-ins to Keep You Tight & Focused

For brands who are ready to do their next new thing right – and execute it in-house. This is the pattern-making, the formula blending, the recipe testing that should be done before launching into the next Big Thing. I dive deep to uncover critical, hidden insights about who your customers really are, what they want, what they don’t even know they want, and how to give it to them at exactly the right time. And I’ll deliver these insights to you paired with strategic recommendations in an easy to use package so your team can follow-through.

“You Do You” Content Strategy

How We Can Work Together