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Remember what it felt like when you put together an outfit that made you spin in circles with joy, reveling in the glorious sensation of freedom and self-expression? When was that again?

Maybe it was sometime before the corporate world decided you were supposed to dress in uncomfortable, ill-fitting drone-like uniforms, or before the perpetual yoga-pant-dom of motherhood. Maybe it before the “practical and convenient” became a repeat-ensemble of all-purpose leggings and baggy sweaters 24/7.

…or, um, it was like, never?

Hey, I’m Tamara, and I’m here to help you find your authentic personal style so you feel beautiful, wild + free from the inside out every single day. It’s what I live for, and it’s how I’ve helped 100s of women for the past 15 years!

I’m like your groovy big sister, your personal stylist, your spiritual guide and your cocktail hour wing-woman all rolled into one, and I can’t wait to meet you. But first, here’s a little more about me.

Style has been my gateway to conversations about Self-Expression.

All of my career-jockeying, fashion-chasing, and connection-seeking has brought me to the realization that Self-Expression is the key to living whole and joyfully. I’ve learned that Personal Style—expressed through ritual, self-love, and self-care, allows us to embody our best Selves, and to give more of ourselves freely, because it allows our gifts to stay on display, front-and-centre.

For more than 15 years I’ve been helping smart, successful women like you find their way outta those ruts and into effortless style that is immensely satisfying because it’s truly, uniquely theirs. I know how, because I went through the same pain myself.

I love fashion, for sure! And ooph, there’s fashion a-plenty here… but I’m what I’m deliriously in love with is: authenticity, joyful realness, and finding ways to help women express their uniqueness so they feel truly alive.

I’m driven by the desire to provide women the space and opportunity to express themselves freely, creatively, and authentically. I’m all about the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ kind of life, and I want you on board, so we can all feel powerful, bright, joyful, wild and free.



Tamara’s programs have helped me really hone in on my personal style. I’ve learned how to streamline my closet and coordinate polished and accessorized outfits easily. No more aging ‘ruts’ for me! With a little bravery, I evolved my routine and now I look like me, only more current. I feel confident that I look my best with less effort than I thought possible!

Shelley | office manager, spouse, world traveller, empty-nester