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What to Wear Wednesdays: The Long Day Dress

We didn’t skirt around the Maxi length bottom for summer (check out what I said here), but what about the Maxi dress? Whether it’s 100C or -110C, is there anything simpler than just putting on a dress and heading out of the house? I think not. The sense of ease of a one-piece outfit can’t be underestimated, but the level of polish it provides just might be. Depending on the fabric and cut a full-length dress could read as very Boho/weekend festival or on the other side of the scale, as very formal, or black-tie.

In actuality, the super casual and ultra formal dress codes are where this silhouette  is often at its best. But, can you wear it to work? Obviously ballgowns and strappy sundresses should be reserved for the occasions they’re named for, but there are some cases where you can wear a long dress to work. Your professional polish will depend on how you accessorize it.

Look Professional in a Maxi Dress
You CAN look professional in a Maxi dress! It’s all in the accessories.

Blazer: Object Collectors Item

Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim

Pumps: BCBG

Dress: Anna Sui

Earrings: John Hardy

Glasses: Mod Cloth

Lipstick: Laura Mercier

Watch: Rolex

Maxi Dress for Weekend
Maxi dresses are ideal weekend wear. Casual, chic, and comfortable.

Hat: Guess

Sunglasses: J.Crew

Tote: Mark & Graham

Dress: Anna Sui

Vest: Vila Clothes

Ring: Repossi

Sandals: LuLu*s

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