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What To Do When You’re Down About Your Body

I’ve been working on Body Love with my clients for a long time. Mainly because so much is out there suggesting that no matter what our beautiful qualities are inside or out, there’s always something to be self-conscious about.

In fact, this trick has worked so well that women actually (subconsciously) use body-complaining as a method of bonding! WHAAAA?

When I learned that a whopping 97% of American women admitted to having at least one negative body thought every day. And that the average number of negative body thoughts per woman per day is 13.

The real kicker? How one of us talks about ourselves affects how other women feel about themselves too! Women only need to hear another woman talk negatively about herself for 3 to 5 minutes before her own body confidence starts decreasing.

When I heard these stats I KNEW we had to talk. Look, I’m all for accentuating the positive, after all feeling great in your skin is a great source of self confidence and allows you to focus on other important things in your world! But doing that can be super challenging if you’re focusing your energy on the parts you don’t like.

Feeling down about your body?

Being successful in the game of Body Love means learning to combat those critical thoughts and remain in the driver’s seat instead of allowing them to take the lead. So how do you do this?

1. Your Body Hears What Your Mind Is Saying
Realize that whenever we say something about our bodies, positive or negative, whether to ourselves or out loud. Our bodies are listening. Our cells feel and hear what we’re saying. It changes our energy and the messages actually sink deeper and deeper into our self esteem.

2. We Have the Power to Change Our Thoughts
Inso doing, we can fundamentally change our patterns of thought so we can create new grooves, new pathways in our brains that can more positively impact how we feel about ourselves, increase our self esteem and nearly every other aspect of our lives.

In this video I’ll teach you one, simple practice that will immediately get you on the path to better body love, even when you catch yourself thinking or saying something that brings your Body-Love meter down.

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