Tamara Glick

Don’t Let Your Underwear Undermine Your Outfit

Sometimes, we wake up on the jiggly side of the bed and nothing feels good.  Oh there’s a million reasons…

  • You’ve been on holiday
  • You’re stressed and not eating right
  • You’ve missed the gym 2 years in a row….

I’m all about loving and appreciating the bodies we live in, just as they are, today. And ya know what? That doesn’t preclude the idea of using the know-how and the tools available to make it feel even better. In fact, I think it supports it brilliantly! 

So look, when you don’t feel particularly ‘Toight Life Toiger’, when that loving hug we give to our bods isn’t enough, or even when it’s SO great that it demands that we give it an extra show of hotness and affection, there’s one GO-TO:  


Aside from clothes truly being the wrong fit, nearly ALL of our body woes can be solved and all of our body joys can be heightened with the right shape wear underneath celebrating your shape and supporting your bangin’ bod.

This isn’t about achieving some kind of Oscar worthy 4 pairs of Sausage Casing Shapewear “I’m-never-going-to-eat-or-pee-again” situation.

Watch this video and I’ll explain why. I’ll also give you my…

Top Five Pieces of Must-Have Underwear  

  1. The Right Bra
  2. An Open Bust Bodysuit
  3. A Mid-thigh Length Undie
  4. High Waisted Undie
  5. A Body Hugging Full Slip

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