Thank you! In Ottawa for another of this summer’s events, an outdoor wedding celebration and finally had outfits that really suit me! I’ve really been enjoying all of my new choices – it’s so nice to get compliments. Thank-you!

- Adair
arts + culture board member, spouse, empty nester

Tamara is amazing! When I changed jobs from a very corporate environment to a fun and creative environment in the beauty industry I was so excited to dress like ME again – but it had been so long, I didn’t know where to start! She helped me take a critical look at my wardrobe to pick the creme de la creme and helped to evolve my personal style.

From figuring out how I wanted to really feel and look, to editing my wardrobe and learning how to buy the right thing to fill the gaps, I’ve been able to really know what my style is and who I am again. I can now look at my closet and know what I am going to wear every morning. An amazing feat! I’d do it again in an instant! If you are thinking about, don’t wait! Tamara is everything you could want in a Style Coach.

- Lisa
marketing professional, spouse, revived fashion lover

I know it’s no news to you, but I wanted to let you know how easy and painless it was to get dressed this morning. Make up, hair and clothes under 20 minutes! Looking good and feeling even better!

- Nancy
real estate investor, spouse, mom

With Tamara’s help I have discovered the joy of dressing. Now my wardrobe and accessories have colour and style and and reflect my personality. Interestingly, the items I get the most compliments on are the ones that I never would have thought to buy before I started working with Tamara. 

- Elizabeth
director of sales, mom about town

I would just like to tell you how grateful I am that you really ‘showed me the light’. Everyone comments that I am ‘so well dressed’ and that ‘I have the best clothes’. I feel like you’ve really showed me how to figure out how to dress for ME. It’s such a relief to have that base knowledge. Even my sister approves of the way I now dress. She has sent me a million emails about it! I just wanted to say thanks once again.

- Alexandria
teacher, sister, foodie

Tamara’s programs have helped me really hone in on my personal style. I’ve learned how to streamline my closet and coordinate polished and accessorized outfits easily. No more aging ‘ruts’ for me! With a little bravery, I evolved my routine and now I look like me, only more current. I feel confident that I look my best with less effort than I thought possible!

- Shelley
office manager, spouse, world traveller, empty-nester

Being shy has always made it difficult for me to make an impact when faced with networking or social events, and definitely made it harder for me to feel comfortable putting myself ‘out there’ style wise. Tamara’s tools have helped me to really understand how I want to BE in the world, and create style strategies that project the inviting person I really am, allowing people to get a glimpse of the REAL me. Because I’m so much more comfortable in my skin now, I find myself interacting with more ease, even being flirty (!) and feeling confident that my best qualities are being put forward.  I’m looking forward to more!

- Shirley
Doctor, spouse, mom

I knew my wardrobe did not present me in the way I wished to be portrayed in my new position at work. I will admit I was a bit hesitant to explore working with a Style Coach, thinking I had to be a celebrity, or rich, or that I’d be pressed to purchase high-priced, uncomfortable, fad pieces. My experience with Tamara was anything but! Tamara truly listened to what I wanted, and anticipated what I needed to resuscitate my wardrobe. She taught me how to love, honour, and dress my body while respecting my comfort and personality. Tamara helped me rediscover the joy of dressing!

- Amy
technical communicator, social butterfly

I’m REALLY enjoying my new look and find that there aren’t enough days in the week to wear all the outfits I’d like to show off! It feels great to know I look my best every single day, almost effortlessly. And that’s the icing on the cake!

- Nancy
professional translator, spouse, mom