Tamara Glick

This ONE Trick to Rock ANY Dress

Sometimes dresses do seem to show everything – or get stuck in places – that make(s) us feel self-conscious. They grip on our muffins, they show our tumms, they might even make us feel like that ole back fat is high on display. ALL of the things we’ve been finding solutions for!
I’d never expect (or recommend) that you to wear all those solutions all at once. That’d be torture! What we want is the right tool for the job. Nothing more, nothing less. And this piece will make you feel like a rock star, even if no-one sees it! And there are so many reasons why (check them out below).

There are so many good reasons for wearing a slip:
1. It’s like lead for Superman: nobody gets to see your underwear or your panty line in public – ever.
2. You know when you stand by a good light source and you can see right through your skirt? Not polished, no bueno.
3. They make you feel like a movie star… or a rock star!
Looking well-groomed = looking classy
4. They make you look slimmer! Yes, even without the ‘guts’ of shapewear, because they let your clothes lay smoothly
5. They’re a great investment – you can wear them to bed!

So, if you can see any of these when you have on a dress or skirt…

1. The colour/print of your underwear
2. Your panty lines
3. The outline of your thighs
4. The colour of your thighs and other clothed body parts (OY!)
5. Other contours to which you’d rather the general public not have access

Then get yourself a slip, pronto!

So now that we’ve covered that you really, truly, could benefit from having a couple of these magical primers in your lingerie drawer, let’s figure out what you should look for… just click on that video for my best tips.



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