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Initial Session

$ 330/session

- via Skype -
  • Discovery Session (2 hours) including Style + Current Lifestyle Assessment
  • Receive a Fully Customized Plan that Includes:
  • Your Core Style Vocabulary that will pinpoint what it means for you to feel real, fulfilled, true, and stylish
  • Specific activities and actions aligned with your inner desires, designed to get you dreaming and living your ideal lifestyle
  • A style plan to show you how to access your true style
  • Full email motivation + support to help you stay true to you!

Follow Up Session

$ 110/hr

- via Skype -
  • Revisit of your commitment to your Core Style Vocabulary Choice of:
  • A Virtual Closet Walk-Through:
  • Show, Tell, Try on the things you’re unsure of
  • Get an objective opinion on what should stay/go
  • Release the stress of holding onto old items
  • Devise a shopping list to fill gaps
  • Shopping List:
  • Receive a list of suggested items specific to your Core Style that you can purchase online, where you live
  • Outfit Creation:
  • Create and record new combinations side-by-side with me
  • Authenticity + Inner Wild Wellness:
  • Coaching conversations to help you get to the bottom of the emotional weight that could be holding you back, and support your commitment to living your most authentic, joyful life


Tamara is amazing! When I changed jobs from a very corporate environment to a fun and creative environment in the beauty industry I was so excited to dress like ME again – but it had been so long, I didn’t know where to start! She helped me take a critical look at my wardrobe to pick the creme de la creme and helped to evolve my personal style.

Lisa | marketing professional, spouse, revived fashion lover