My Very Favourite: Top 5 Hand Creams for Ridiculously Dry Hands

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As I write this, we’re about 1,000 weeks into quarantine / shelter-in-place / covid-times and we are well aware that proper hand hygiene is critical for stopping the spread of the covid-19 virus. 

But what does that really mean? Like, really, if you still have hands left. 

It means – the pain of having constantly dry, rough, scaly hand-skin has set in. Suddenly, it’s not just cleanliness that matters, it’s also keeping our hands comfortable, too. 

That’s where my favourite hand creams come in. 

My Very Favourite: Top 5 Hand Creams for Ridiculously Dry Hands

Confession? I’m a skincare geek junky. Name the area of skin, I want to care for it. And – I want to know everything there is to know about the products I’m using on said skin area. I’m pretty particular about it all, and I love to learn.

Did you know that…

  • 60% (or more) of what we put on our skin, goes into our bloodstream → It’s not just a convenient sheath to keep our insides, well, inside. So, I want to know that the ingredients I’m using are as safe and clean as possible.
  • Science helps make skincare more effective → Hence, I why don’t put straight up fruits and veg on my skin and call it a day. I like to know that the clean ingredients in my products have been combined effectively to get results.
  • “Clean” is a very nebulous term → So I try to be educated as best I can and I prioritize. I am not perfect, and nor are all of my preferred products.

You might have already guessed that I also happen to have a few prerequisites for what I’m looking for in a hand cream:

  • Thick enough to work, but not so thick it leaves me feeling sticky, gluey, or unable to twist a doorknob.
  • Emollient but not so much that putting my hand on my cheek causes a slow slide downward.
  • Lightly, naturally scented or unscented because I am suuuuper sensitive. Just the other day I tested a new face moisturizer and had to get up from my slumber because the scent was keeping me awake. Is anyone else like that? Just me? Ok then.

What makes a great hand cream, especially if you’re washing your hands 20 times a day? Ones that contain humectants, occlusives, and, emollient elements all with the shared purpose of hydrating, protecting, and soothing the hands. 

But the real question is: which hand creams do I like? Let’s me tell you, Darling – I bought hand creams a-plenty to give to you… 

My Very Favourite Hand Creams

  1. Weleda Skin Food Light

I used to use the classic version of this hand cream and I’ll tell you – I loved it despite the “slow slide” greasy/stickiness of it.

The 100 year old Swiss cult brand just launched their “light” version a couple of months ago and it’s a total dream. It has the same light, herbal scent which I enjoy, gone are the “slow slide” moments, and it’s nourishing enough that I seriously do not need to moisturize every time I wash my hands.

  1. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

This one feels like icing coming out of a tube. That’s how thick and rich it is. And it’s effective too! This was a go-to day time hand cream for me before the Weleda Skin Food Light it the scene. Tell you a little secret? It’s rich enough that I also use it on my feet. I’ll keep using this bebe in the winter months before going outdoors, but I just might keep it for nighttime use now.

  1. Benamor Gordissimo 

I adore this Portuguese heritage brand. I’m always a sucker for beautiful packaging with a vintage feel to it, but this line has so much more going for it than just it’s metal tubes. Gordissimo is described as Benamor’s “fat cream” because it is especially good for dry, rough skin in desperate need of loving care. It’s also great for stretch marks, apparently, and it smells like a dream with a very faint blend of citrus, liliac, and rose amelie. 

  1. Benamore Nata

Another winner from my favourite Porguese beauty brand! This version of their cream nourishes not only your skin but also your senses – after all it’s named for the famous pasteis de nata, Portuguese custard tarts! I’ll admit – I bought this one because I wanted to take that memory of Portugal home with me!

  1. Dr. Roebuck’s Cushie Vitamin Rich Hand Cream

I bought this one on a whim, or as much of a whim as I am wont to have in the cosmetics aisle, anyway. This Aussie brand is super friendly in its ingredients and testing policies – and it says it’s good for dry to normal and sensitive skin. So I had to give it a go! Though it is packaged in a tube, the feel is much more like a lotion than a serious hand cream. As you might conclude – it’s much lighter which is nice, but not as effective during these particular circumstances. It’s coconutty scent is definitely evident, too. I think I might prefer this in Summer when the heat outside matches the summer scent within. 

These are my current top five favourite hand creams for super dry skin. I’ve tested others as well, most of which resulted in some form of Goldilocks or Princess and the Pea situation that ultimately made them runners-up for me – but likely just about perfect in every way for someone else:

  1. Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream

I do love some Burt’s Bees products (especially their toothpastes, but that’s for another day – yes they make toothpaste!). And this cream felt especially good, because of the honey and grapeseed oils in it – amongst other things. It was also highly fragranced. Normally, I like a honey scent but as you know, I’m quite sensitive to scent and this one was too much for me but I know many who will adore it. I wonder if their shea butter version might have suited my senses better.

  1.  Kamill Q10 Hand Cream

You might recognize this classic German brand from it’s more popular counterparts, like Glysolid. If you put the words “anti-aging” on a product I’m probably going to try it, ok? A classically good lotion, with a classic lotion scent – which is to say, it was too scented for moi. But for the very low price point, and high level of attention to ingredients, this is definitely a good choice for others.

Of course, a true skincare junky won’t stop at hand cream alone, would she? Oh NO, Darling! Of course not. 

These are two of my very special skincare secrets to round out your hand care routine. So, come closer, Darling. Let’s pinky swear that you won’t spread them around. 

Bonus One: Deborah Lippman Cuticle Oil

If there’s one talent I have, it’s the ability to grow copious amounts of cuticles. I don’t know why, I’m just good at it. Of course that means that I’m constantly taking care of this little bit of skin around my nail beds, and ensuring that they remain under control. That’s where this oil comes in, keeping my cuticles and nails hydrated and happy – until my next manicure. It’s been a lifesaver now, when a proper shellac mani is simply not in the cards. I think you’ll think so too.

Bonus Two: The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

I originally purchased this serum for my face and neck. And I still like it for that purpose – however – the real magic of this product revealed itself to me by accident (kind of like in that movie Flubber, or with Viagra, but not at all the same). 

One bitter, dry winter day when I just couldn’t take the state of my hands anymore, I dropped a few drops of this serum onto the back of one hand, and zhuzhed it together with the back of my other hand – et voila! The most perfect before-hand-cream serum I had ever tried. Use it under a more emollient cream to keep all the goodness going.  

So there you have it, Darling! All the creams and potions that are fit for your ridiculously dry (but very, very clean) hands. Let me know which ones you try, and which ones you love best! And don’t forget those secret layering tricks – they’re the real MVPs!

*Oh, and Darling – this post does contain affiliate links. It’s a new thing I’m trying out. What it means is that if you click on – and purchase – one of the items I’ve recommended, I will make a weensy commission as a thank you for doing the fishnet-covered legwork for finding the product of your dreams for you. It’s really like a cherry on the sundae. Seems like a fair shake, right? Thank you for your support!