In my years of digital entrepreneurism, I’ve seen a lot of variations of home offices. Co-working spaces, cafes, guest rooms, and dining tables – there are a lot of places you can work from. That’s the beauty of location independence, after all!  But – “hopping on a video call” with colleagues, the media, or your […]

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Home Office Set-Up
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Every year around this time I wait. It’s not about the holidays, it’s not about the new year, it’s not about the snow – oh lawdy it’s not about the snow. It’s because I’m anticipating a particular announcement. One that sets a certain tone for the coming year. The release of Pantone’s Colour of the […]

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Of course, you want to drive sales. After all, Return on Investment is as much a tried-and-true staple to your business as an impeccably cut, silk-jersey LBD is to your wardrobe! But – in a climate where your customers are inundated with dozens of purchasing avenues, and where they’re more marketing savvy than ever before, […]