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How To Love What You See In The Mirror

In my gazillion years of professional Style Coaching, teaching people how to feel great in their skin, and in their clothes; after a lifetime of fitness and yoga teacher training, I’ve learned that Self-Love is a mental muscle we need to build. It takes practice. There are techniques. We gotta work that muscle out!

There’s a ‘workout’ I’ve been doing – and that I teach my clients (in stealth mode). It synchs up our minds + bods and literally change our bodies into the most amazing physical specimens we’ve ever been!


Over the years, I’ve seen countless people look in the mirror and have these reactions:

Reaction 1: At home, trying things on, you glance in the mirror and then, this look. The corners of your lips turn down. It’s like it weighs your head down. After that, maybe a little shoulder slump. Oy! My heart hurts!

Reaction 2 (which I love): We’re shopping together or making new combos. We’re talking, and suddenly, your expression brightens. You stand taller. You’re a bit surprised, and excited about it all!

So I started implementing a little exercise, a workout, if you will, that helps reduce ‘Reaction #1’ and increase ‘Reaction #2’ because after all, isn’t that what we’d all love to have more of?

This exercise isn’t particularly typical for Style Coaches. In fact, it might be considered a little rogue. But that’s ok, I like being a little bit rogue…. I mean, haven’t you seen that silver streak in my hair? This practice is something I draw from my history in yoga. Both mindful, and meditative, it’s easy, and you can do as often as you want to. BUT – you MUST do it at least twice a day, every day. OK?

The thing you have to do is simple. I want you to develop an attitude.

That’s right, an Attitude of Gratitude, Lady! You have to say THANK YOU to your body.

Yep. That’s it. That’s all.

But here’s the tricky part: you have to say thank you with sincerity to all of the wonderful things that your body has done, or will do, for you.

No ‘thanks, but’, no giving the cold shoulder to a body part just because you think it’s not pretty enough. None of that. Zip. Nada Muchacha.

The Attitude of Gratitude is how we change our minds. Getting in touch with the amazing, divine works of art that our bodies really are, and getting our brains lined up with our awesome bods. Because you know what they say:

What we think about, we bring about.

And I want you to bring about your most coveted, loved version of yourself, for yourself, possible. So, here’s your Body Love workout, from me to you. Try it, daily, for the next two weeks and see if you start looking better in the mirror:

Morning Workout

Every morning before your feet touch the floor, thank your body for resting and rejuvenating itself so you can make the most of your day.

No matter how little sleep you might have gotten, stretch, say thank you, and smile.

Evening Workout

Every evening when you go to bed, tell your body, part by part how much you appreciate what it allowed you to do today. Give some extra love to those parts you normally complain about. Find something good to say about yourself.


Say thank you and smile.

BONUS Workout!

Whenever your exercise, go up or down the stairs, carry heavy children, or heavy groceries, or heavy laundry, thank your body for what it allows you to do.

It may not be perfect, it may not always function with grace or ease, but it always comes through in some good way.

The more you start talking up your bod, the more you’re gonna love dressing up your bod and THAT’S a pleasure I know you’re gonna love.




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