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Cloud Appreciation Society

Last night’s dreadful storm in Toronto flooded our streets, our homes, and yes, even our closets. When you finally got home safely, was your rain gear still in tact? Better yet: had you even brought a brolly to work yesterday?

Heading back out to work the day after a dreadful storm is the last thing anyone wants to do – especially if your rain gear was destroyed on the commute home the night before!  I was lucky enough to beat the clouds home, but as I watched through my windows as the storm rolled in, and saw the news streaming in on my Twitter & Facebook feeds last night, I just couldn’t believe it! And, when the neighbours arrived home, drenched the to bone, I couldn’t help but think: we need a back-to-work wardrobe plan for the rest of the week because this rain isn’t gonna quit!

Don’t let torrential downpours rain on your style parade. Your style is weather-proof! Here are two new favourite combinations. One romantic, feminine, and trendy, the other edgy, urban, and avant. Which do you like best?

Cloud Appreciation Society Rain Gear

 Heart Umbrella: Felix Rey

Striped Vinyl Tote: Jordan Marsh

Matte Black Rain Boots: Burberry

Transparent Pink Rain Jacket: Valentino R.E.D.

Transparent Grey Rain Jacket: Wanda Nylon

Black Lace Umbrella: Modern Crochet Club *not actually intended for rain

Vinyl Reptile Tote: Foley + Corinna

Flame Pattern Rain Boots: Chance of Rain

Got a reliable trench already? Make your classic staple a versatile favourite again by changing up your accessories. Check out our Tis the Rainy Season post for some inspiration.

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