Tamara Glick

Buh-Bye, Chafing Thighs!

Call it what you want: thigh chafing, chub rub, kissing thighs, bike burn…
At the end of the day there’s only one way to describe it: A hellish, firey, super frustrating source of aggravation that drives us BONKERS!

I mean truly MAD! Who wants to deal with this nuisance every day when all you really want to do is wear a skirt for crying out loud?

That awful, sinking, annoying feeling doesn’t do much for the ‘easy-breezy’ demeanour you’re going for in that swingy retro summer dress. But this is something you shouldn’t have to suffer through. I’ve seen all kinds of ‘creative solutions’ that sound good at the time but end up making things worse. Things like:

  • bike shorts
  • mens’ boxer briefs
  • lotions, creams, and powders (remember that episode of Friends with Ross and the leather pants? yeah, we don’t need ‘thigh paste’ either!)

Seriously, I have a FAR BETTER SOLUTION for you to make those swingy, carefree dresses and skirts comfy and breezy – and yours again!

What makes this solution SO great is that they:

  • Get rid of all manner of lower bod lumps ‘n bumps
  • Smooth out waistlines
  • Obliterate any chance of VPL (Visible Panty Line)
  • Keep you airy, dry, and feelin’ fresh as a daisy!

A little somethin’ extra? You gotta know that one of my favourite brands for these light-as-air undies is Thigh Society. They have a few styles and colours and you can shop online!

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