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This ONE Trick to Rock ANY Dress

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Sometimes dresses do seem to show everything – or get stuck in places – that make(s) us feel self-conscious. They grip…

The Goods on Granny Panties

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I know I’ve been talking an awful lot about knickers lately. Like air, water, and cell phones, underwear is such a ubiquitous part of…

Buh-Bye, Chafing Thighs!

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Call it what you want: thigh chafing, chub rub, kissing thighs, bike burn… At the end of the day there’s…

Break Up with Back Fat

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Every year one of my best friends calls to wish me a happy birthday and then we joke about of…

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders…How to Buy A Bra That Fits

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It’s time to talk about The Ladies. No matter how loud the ‘honk’ of your hoots, they deserve a lot more care…

Don’t Let Your Underwear Undermine Your Outfit

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Sometimes, we wake up on the jiggly side of the bed and nothing feels good.  Oh there’s a million reasons……

How To Love What You See In The Mirror

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In my gazillion years of professional Style Coaching, teaching people how to feel great in their skin, and in their clothes; after…

What To Do When You’re Down About Your Body

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I’ve been working on Body Love with my clients for a long time. Mainly because so much is out there suggesting…

What to Wear Wednesday: Punk Revisited

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Punk! It’s been happening a lot lately. Walking down the street I’ll spot a young woman in heather grey Tshirt…

What to Wear Wednesdays: September’s Hot & Cool Flashes

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Aaaah the cool breezes of September! Wait! The hot flashes of September?! When Mother Nature plays Dr. Jekyll and Mr….

What to Wear Wednesday: The Furry Vest

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While on a shopping trip for Fall and Winter outerwear, a client recently picked up a furry vest, and showed…

What to Wear Wednesday: The Metallic Skirt

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Once in a while you come across it: that PIECE. You have no idea what to do with it. It’s….


I met Tamara after a time where my personal and professional goals were changed. Within a short space of time she has helped me find clothes that suit my needs and promote my own personal style. How did I manage before her? Fashion should be fun, and innovating! If it isn’t fun you definitely need Tamara ASAP!

Thank you Tamara for your consistent dedication and support, you’re not only my Style Coach, but you’ve also been my confidante.

Sacha | wedding + event planner, daughter, music lover