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Ask Tamara: Statement Necklaces

You know we love great jewellery in any season, but statement pieces are so on trend this year that it’s the perfect time to explore the different lengths of necklaces exist.  With so many options, how do you choose the right one?


From chokers to extra-long necklaces, there is a perfect piece for everybody – and for any outfit.

Ever wondered how to choose the right length? In the above image, you’ll see can see how different necklace lengths look, or ‘sit’, on an individual.  Here are some do’s & don’ts for each length:

14” – choker
DO wear chokers with tops that show off the neck.
DO embrace this latest necklace trend because it is all over popular retailers.
DON’T overdo it with a super blingy choker, it’s likely to be a one-hit wonder – unless your Style Vocab dictates otherwise.
DON’T go too tight! Make sure you can easily swallow by sneaking one finger between your neck and your choker.

 16” – crewneck and 18” – jewel necklace
DO invest in good pieces. Jewel length is the most versatile length, you’re sure to have it a long time.
wear a pendent on these lengths with a V-neck (or ‘cheat’ a V-neck over a round neckline), or choose a rounded version to wear with rounded necklines.
DON’T look choked up by adding it to a high neckline.
DON’T forget to add personality with pendants!

 20” – scoop & 24” – deep scoop
DO choose these lengths to elongate your neck.
DO highlight these pieces by wearing simple tops with them.
DON’T wear with plunging necklines. Hey…eyes up HERE.
be afraid to layer these necklaces. The complexity is fantastic!

 30 to 33 – extra long
DO wear with high necklines, to create drama and elongate the torso.
try doubling or tripling these lengths to add versatility to your accessories.
DON’T forget to layer these necklaces for a great multi-strand look.
DON’T wear long super long necklaces if you are petite as they can overwhelm your figure.

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