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Ask Tamara: Boxing Day Tips

Tomorrow is Boxing Day!  Who’s going shopping?  After years upon years of working retail on Boxing Day, and then experiencing the unadulterated joy of being able to go shopping on Boxing Day instead, I have some pretty hard-core tried and true Boxing Day Shopping rules. Or laws. Whatever.  Follow these guys tomorrow and enjoy a remarkably stress-free shopping day! Bon chance!

Tamara’s Boxing Day Shopping Laws:

  1. The Pro Goes Pre- or Post: Shop prior to, or after, Boxing Day. Typically sales start prior to Christmas, particularly for clothes and cosmetics.  Save day-of Boxing Day shopping for stores that do major door-crashers: Big Box electronic stores, appliance and furniture stores, some boutique retailers, etc. 
  2. Wrapped Up In Chains: Large clothing chains rarely promote extra special savings for Boxing Day anymore, but check online to see if there are any ‘surprise savings.’ 
  3. Use the Full Week: If you’re really itching to shop the after-Christmas sales, try going a day or two after Boxing Day.  Have you noticed that retailers are extending the sales into ‘Boxing Week’?
  4. Shoesies are a Doozy: Never shop for shoes on Boxing Day.  There’s no reason to go into stores where crazed, dehydrated people are wielding stilettos at your head when the sales will still be on tomorrow.
  5. Can’t Try? Say Good-bye: Fitting rooms are usually packed or closed during this busy shopping day, so be prepared.  Wear clothing that is easy to try clothes on top of: leggings, slim t-shirts, etc. 
  6. HYDRATE: Bring water, easy snacks like trail mix or dried fruit, and ibuprofen.  You’ll need it! 😉
  7. The Early Bird Gets the Worm: The earlier you start, the better. Parking lots and public transit will be packed!  Don’t forget about those folks who wake up with the rooster to line up at their favourite store before the mall opens! Yikes!

 Have a beautiful holiday, everyone!  We’d love to hear all about your Boxing Day purchases tomorrow.  Tweet us!

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