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Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders…How to Buy A Bra That Fits

It’s time to talk about The Ladies. No matter how loud the ‘honk’ of your hoots, they deserve a lot more care and attention than most of us give them, or the bras we put them in.

Why? Well for starters, stats show that 64% of women wear the wrong bra size – and 29% of those women know it. Even worse, 73% of women said that poorly-fitting underwear can make or break their day! Hmmm. Something just ain’t right.

If you’ve ever thought that you seem to be getting shorter and shorter waisted, or if you’re always thinking that there’s something ‘wrong’ about how you look in your tops, let me tell ya:

You’re just FINE! The issue is most likely your bra.  

Oh bras can do a million wonderful things! They can lift and separate! They can push ’em where ya want ’em! They can support and hold! They can maximize, they can minimize, they can make them JUST RIGHT in any outfit!

But they can also: create a uniboob, or a four-boob illusion, they make everything jiggle like crazy if you so much as turn your gaze to the side, they can create ‘back fat’ and ‘armpit blobs’ you never knew existed, and they can smash, suffocate, and cut in. *wah wah waaaah*

The difference between held to the heavens and a disappointing day is FIT.

In this video I share with you:

  • Exactly what to look for in a great fitting bra
  • How to try it on so you know it’s right for you
  • What to bring with you when you go lingerie shopping (yes, there’s something you need to have with you!)
  • Which bras to buy first to get the most bang for your buck

Click on the video to get the expert goods!

I want to know: what have your bra buying experiences been? Do you wonder if yours fit properly, or what your underwear drawer should be filled with? Comment and let me know!

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