3 Ways to Look Your Best on Your Next Zoom Call

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Hello Darlings!

The past few weeks have been especially topsy-turvy, with a lot of abrupt adjustments being made to every aspect of our lives, bringing all aspects of our lives home – literally.

During the first couple of weeks, just making that adjustment was enough! Getting dressed “for work” was a layer of complexity that was just too much

I can’t help but be optimistic, though – I flex my optimism like my bicep (“which way to the beach?”). Because the time has also presented a tonne of opportunity when it comes to building your reputation with all kinds of remote work.

3 Ways to Look More Confident in your Next Video Meeting

Whether you’re a seasoned location independent careerist or you’re finding yourself working from home consistently for the first time, now is the perfect time to pay attention to how you relate to your colleagues and clients on screen.

The impression you give on screen has rapidly become the proxy for how you would normally show up at the office or in person. No matter what the “next norm” looks like, honing this skill now will create a level of consistency in your personal brand that those around you can rely on.

While the desire to wrap yourself in a pair of sweats and a leopard print Snuggie® or take every meeting with your video turned off might have been as strong as that 10th cup of Nespresso, there are a lot of important reasons not to give into the urge.

Ok Darling, I’m going to give it to you straight. Just think of me as your Edna Mode for the IRL world (that’s “in real life”). You ready?

There has never been a more important time than now to protect and foster your personal brand on screen. 

Your personal brand is a powerful communication tool. It affects how your audience, colleagues, and team perceive you. 

And right now – how you show up on screen matters just as much as how you show up in person, because it’s the only way you can show up. 

Showing up online just as we do IRL is one of the best ways to continue to foster a sense of confidence, trustworthiness, and credibility, especially in rapidly changing or uncertain times. 

Have you ever met up with someone whose face is in the shadows, who meets you in a disarrayed office, or whose appearance is grim or unkempt and thought: Yaaaaassss! SIGN ME UP!

Indeed. Me neither. 

That’s why paying attention to how you can show up as a trustworthy colleague or valuable leader on screen will serve you and your career now – and in the future. 

Every time you show up on screen is a chance to foster trust, confidence, and leadership with those around you. Something we are all craving especially during these “mi casa es mi todo” times.

Here are the best ways to improve  your classic “news anchor” look (but please, Darling – remember not to stand up!)

How to Create a Polished Personal Brand On Screen

1. Brighter is Better: 

Ever notice how little you see people on TV in head-to-toe black or skin tones? There’s a reason for that, Darlings! Avoid the “black hole effect” and add bright colours to the top half of your outfit – the part your audience will see on screen.
Tamara’s Tips: Choose brighter colours or add one bright element to your neutrals. Keep patterns bold and simple. At most wear 2 – 3 colours but certainly feel welcome to choose more than one, to keep things interesting on screen.

2. Accessorize:

Now is the time to choose your most expressive accessories to add focus and life to your outfit on screen. Putting effort into your appearance in person, or on screen, is shorthand for showing respect and confidence in your brand and in your relationships.

Tamara’s Tips: Try colourful eyewear, a scarf, or statement jewelry like bold earrings or a necklace. These small details are what your audience will subconsciously pick up on as “effort.”

3. Groom Before you Zoom: 

Just as it does for the office or on the stage, grooming goes a long way in creating a trustworthy and confident personal brand. Consider grooming even more important now to counterbalance being on screen, having less traditionally professional surroundings, and potentially less flattering lighting impacting the perception of your personal brand. 

Tamara’s Tips: Styling your hair and groom your facial hair – product in both cases goes a long way, especially in your appearance on screen. Choose a brighter lip colour, add some blush – because without professional lighting, everyone tends to look less lively than they do IRL. 

To learn more about how to set up an effective #wfh space in just 5 steps – including camera tricks that make you look your very best on screen pop on over here.

How have you evolved your #wfh look so far? Will you give these tips a try and let me know how it goes?

And of course, I’m just a click and a (Zoom) call away, if you would like more personal help on polishing your personal brand, I would love to be there for you.